ITH-JP Skull and Shackles

Tempest Rising, pt 2.

The crew of KRAKEN’S BREATH, having weathered a sever storm and survived an encounter with a badly-damaged Taldane exploration vessel, continued on their mission on behalf of Free Captain TESSA FAIRWIND to unobtrusively investigate rumors of Chelish activity in the Shackles. Traveling to MOTAKU ISLAND, the crew met Calistrean cleric DINDREAN, high priestess of the HOUSE OF STOLEN KISSES in QUENT. She agreed to help them if they could enact revenge on the wreckers who took the temple ship LADY’S STING and recover a relic known as the GOLDEN VESPAL.

The crew then traveled to BAG ISLAND where they sought out the TEMPLE OF THE HIDDEN NAME, a secret temple of Norgorber in the town of BEACHCOMBER. Trading secrets with the high priest, the crew got a lead on LADY’S STING in the form of news of a crew of wreckers led by half-orc wizard VARKARLA operating to the southeast of the RAMPORE ISLES. The priest also agreed to help them on the spy-catching mission if they can bring him the secret to the unparalleled maneuverability of the ill-fated BRINE BANSHEE, which was lost west of SHARK ISLAND after leaving the port of OLLO.

KRAKEN’S BREATH tracked down and dispatched VARKARLA and her wreckers, and recovered the GOLDEN VESPAL. Upon returning the relic to DINDREAN at the TEMPLE OF STOLEN KISSES in QUENT, she gives them two pieces of information. First, there is a retired ship’s doctor in OLLO named HANEILIUS FITCH who claims to have a means to locate BRINE BANSHEE but is looking for someone to bankroll his expedition. Second, a half-elf scrimshander in DRENCHPORT named JAYMISS KEFT claims to have knowledge of a spy operating in the Shackles.



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