From the Wormwood Mutiny module:

Besmara (bes-MAR-uh) is the goddess of pirates and sea monsters.
She is brash, lusty, confrontational, and greedy, but follows a code of
honor and is loyal to her crew and allies as long as it serves her interests.
She cares little for senseless murder or other unprofitable acts, but is
willing to take risks to attain great prizes. Even the most irreligious pirate
captain throws a share of treasure overboard now and then as tribute for
the Pirate Queen. Mayors of port cities and captains of merchant vessels
curse her name, for her followers are a direct threat to legitimate trade.
She has little power or interest in the mortal world beyond the sea and
its immediate reach.

“Carve your name on the ever-changing sea
with a saber of terror and triumph. Fight
for plunder, fame, and glory, and earn your
place among the legends of the sea.”
—Besmara’s Code

There is essentially no hierarchy within the church—
each priest crafts his or her own title and recognizes no
authority other than the goddess.

Besmara is chaotic neutral and her portfolio is piracy,
sea monsters, and strife. Her favored weapon is the rapier.
Her holy symbol in most seas is a skull and crossbones on
a black or red field. Her domains are Chaos,
Trickery, War, Water, and Weather.


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